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Cruising and Cottaging Locations in London

Looking to pick up some hot men in gay London?

If you are, then take a look at possibly the most definitive guide to the cruising and cottaging locations in London online below.

Barnes Common - London SW13

The woods at the back of the car park containing the recycling tanks are very cruisy after dark and sometimes during the afternoon too, especially in summer. The car park is accessed via a small slip road at the north of the common to the right from the main road that leads from Barnes Station towards Hammersmith Bridge. It's very safe but be careful of the gravestones!

Brompton Cemetery - Earls Court London

This Victorian cemetery, and the arches in particular, has been a very popular crusing location for many years, especially in the summer months. We would suggest however that you use this spot as a place to meet only as there have been reports of sting operations taking place by the National Park police.

Clapham Common - London SW4

The common really needs no introduction, lots of after dark cruising on the west side near to the south circular in the wooded area. This location is both very popular and far safer than it used to be.

Desborough Island - Walton Lane, Walton

The waterworks area is a very busy crusing location that see's plenty of action in the early evening. The best action is found by driving past the water works and parking up on right hand side and walking up to the top of the mound. Best to avoid in the daytime due to dog walkers.

Epping Forest - Snaresbrook Road

This cruising area to the west of Eagle Pond is busy all year round and only a few minutes walk from the tube at Snaresbrook. Plenty of places to park up.

Ham Common - Ham House TW10

Ham Common is a relatively isolated area between the Thames and Richmond park where you'll find plenty of gay men cruising for sex and lots taking place within the woods themselves. Plenty of parking available within a short walk by the river.

Hampstead Heath - 'The Heath' - NW3

Possibly the biggest, busiest and safest cruising grounds in the whole of the UK. The police (and most other people in the UK) know all about what goes on there and to an extent turn a blind eye to it so long as the activities don't spill out in to public view. Always busy, and easy to find just up the road from the tube station and behind 'Jack Straws Castle' appartments. Most of the fun is to be had on the West Heath, so find that and you're on for a good time.

Hyde Park - Kensington / Chelsea - W1

Just of Knightsbridge and Park Lane you'll find the flower gardens located in the south east corner of the park and quickly see lots of cruising taking place. There's a wooded area close by that is very popular and some public toilets across the road opposite the Lanesborough hotel.

Liverpool Street Station Toilets - Shoreditch

Lot's of cottaging between 4 O'clock and 7:30 in th evening most nights of the week. Don't worry about the cleaners too much, their used to it and don't seem to be that bothered.

Scratchwood Services - A1 Northbound

A popular crusing ground just off the A1 Northbound at Barnet. Be carefull who you approach though as this place is also popular with swingers going dogging.

Streatham Common - SW16

One of the first locations we listed, and still very popular. Most of the cruising takes place on the path near the car park at the top of the common.

Wandsworth Common Toilets

Becoming more popular in the evenings after about 5pm when the comuters are returning via the train station. Find the toilts behind the bowling green.

If you'd like to comment of on any of the locations above, or add the details of a newly found cruising site in London to the list, please send us an email by clicking here.

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